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ABE Education specialising in the building industry as its CEO is also a licensed builder and understands building practitioner needs.

We offer over 20 different Continuing Professional Development (CPD) fully on-line courses starting from $40, which have been developed in conjunction with leading industry experts and are technically interesting and valuable.

Some great advantages of our on-line CPD courses are our very competitive prices and the rapid course purchase and completion convenience. No more do you need to attend face-to-face training at some distant learning centre, find parking and spend a day or more in a classroom when you could have been on site earning money.

Our on-line learning system has been developed specifically for builders, pool builders, electricians and plumbers. Once you have selected the CPD packages that are of interest to you simply add them to your shopping cart and it automatically calculates the total cost and number of CPD points earned.

At purchase we collect your licence renewal date and after payment you immediately receive your selected CPD packages and a tax invoice. On completion, you instantly receive your certificate of course completion in your name stating the number of CPD points earned stating the course code and date of training. We keep a permanent record in case you ever lose your certificate/s.

We then send you a personalised e-mail 3 months before your licence renewal date reminding you to complete additional CPD points – how convenient is that.

The purpose of CPD training is to help you stay informed, up-to-date, skilled and knowledgeable about new developments in the building industry.

Points obtained with CPD Learning are fully recognised and accredited by NSW Fair Trading, VIC Building Commission and TAS Department of Justice.

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NSW & TAS 3 year Licence Renewals

The NSW Fair Trading licence renewal declaration simply requires certification that you "have obtained the necessary number of CPD points" in relation to your renewal.

This means that builders with a 3 year licence can obtain all their CPD points in one go!

For this month we are offering a large discount for 36 CPD Point, 3 year licence renewal now totalling $499.

Simply email us your 36 CPD point purchase invoice and request your discount.

Terms and Conditions

Under NSW Law, all builders and pool builders are required to have completed 12 points worth of CPD activity per year before renewing your licence via a signed declaration. It is a criminal offence under the Crimes Act 1900 to deliberately make a false or misleading statement on your application for renewal/restoration of your licence, which can result in a maximum penalty of 2 years imprisonment or $22,000 fine or both. NSW Fair Trading may cancel a licence or certificate. In certain circumstances disciplinary action can also be taken.NSW Fair Trading audits these claims by requesting that you supply your supporting documents, receipts, and academic transcripts and cross checking this information with training providers. Audits are also conducted on both a regular and random basis.

Maximum penalty for this offence 2 years imprisonment or $22,000 fine or both.