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Continuing Professional Development

Are there exceptions to CPD?

Yes, the Director-General's Guidelines allow exemptions in extenuating circumstances. Each case is assessed on its own merits. The circumstances for granting exemptions are limited and in most cases relate to serious illness or misadventure.

How are the ABE Education CPD courses delivered?

The ABE Education CPD courses can be completed from the comfort of your home or office. Once you have chosen and purchased your CPD topic(s) from our library of courses, the CPD learner guide(s) will be emailed to you. This will include a PDF document with information, links, diagrams, videos, and scenario-based questions relating to the chosen topic.

The questions embedded in the learner guide(s) are designed as self-assessments, which you can complete to test your knowledge and understanding of the chosen topic.

There are no formal assessments or quiz submissions and you are not required to attend any form of face-to-face training. Your CPD certificates are emailed to you after purchase and serve as your record of attendance.

How many CPD points will I earn for each ABE Education course?

ABE Education offers a wide range of courses, ranging from 2 - 4 points. This allows you to choose from a variety of topics in order to attain the points you need.

How will the regulatory authority know if I'm earning my points?

NSW: You are required to declare whether you have completed the required CPD on your licence renewal form. This declaration must be true and serious penalties apply if a false or misleading declaration is made. It is your responsibility to maintain a record of attendance for all CPD undertaken NSW Fair Trading often undertake random audits by requesting that you provide evidence such as your CPD certificate, receipt of course purchase etc. They may also confirm the information you have provided with your CPD training provider for accuracy and authenticity. ABE Education keep a permanent record of all CPD students certificates and can provide copies upon request.

TAS: In Tasmania Building Practitioners are to report their CPD annually to demonstrate that they have spent sufficient time on CPD. Your accreditation will not be renewed unless your CPD report is satisfactory.

I live in a regional area too far from the nearest training centre?

The easiest way to comply with the CPD requirements is to do our on-line CPD course as it is all internet based perfect for remote regional areas.

Is the CPD course easy to do as I am not too computer savvy?

Yes. You will only require access to the internet and an email address in order to register, receive your learning material, tax invoice and CPD certificate. The learning content makes reference to industry websites and YouTube for practical and visual representations, and therefore only basic computer literacy is required.

What CPD records should I keep?

Always keep a copy of the certificate that we email to you. You will be required to show proof of the CPD activities you have undertaken to the regulatory authority. Your certificate will indicate the topic you have undertaken, the amount of points you received in completing the topic, and the relevant date.

What date must I have all my CPD completed by?

You must complete all CPD requirements by the renewal date of your licence/accreditation.

What do you do with my details?

Your details are kept in a secure database and are not distributed without your permission, unless requested by the regulatory authority. If you agree, we may also contact you prior to your licence/accreditation renewal to remind you that your CPD is due.

What happens if I misplace or lose my CPD certificate?

Simply e-mail ABE Education at, and request a copy of the certificate to be emailed to you. Please note that an administration processing fee will apply.

What if I don't feel confident purchasing over the Internet or don't have a credit card?

All purchases must be made using a credit card and we accept both Visa and MasterCard.

Occasionally we might assist you with this purchase over the phone if you are unable to do so yourself call us on 02 9798 5000

What if I don't work in the industry at present, only work part-time, or I am retired - do I need to undertake CPD?

In NSW and TAS, CPD is a mandatory requirement and a condition of licence/accreditation renewal. Therefore, if you are not currently working, work part-time or are retired, but still want to keep your licence/accreditation, you must undertake CPD training.

What if I have an individual contractor licence and a company licence?

CPD only applies to individuals. If you have an individual contractor�s licence (or a qualified supervisor�s certificate), and a company licence, you only need to earn 12 CPD points in each 12 month period for the individual licence that you hold.

What will happen if I provide false information about completing my CPD points to the regulatory authority?

The regulatory authority considers the provision of false or misleading information to be a serious offence. Your licence/accreditation may be cancelled and further disciplinary action may also be undertaken including hefty fines and restrictions on future application/renewal for a licence/accreditation. In NSW, the penalty for false or misleading application is imprisonment for 2 years, or a fine of $22,000 or both.

When will I receive my certification with my points earned?

Once you have purchased the course, your certificate detailing the topic completed and associated points, will be emailed to you along with your tax invoice for the course.

Where does the authority come from to require me to do CPD?

The authority comes from the Home Building Act 1989 Section 40 (2D) and (2E). These sections give the Commissioner authority to require people in the residential building industry to undertake further education and training.

Who is the regulatory body in my state and where can I obtain more information about CPD?

Who must complete Continuting Professional Development (CPD) training?

How many points must be obtained each year?

NSW: You must obtain at least 12 CPD points each year, and a maximum of 11 points surplus can be carried over to the following year. You can earn up to 1 or 2 points per hour depending on the type of activity you are undertaking. For more information on the NSW points system, click here.

TAS: Builders, construction managers and demolishers must obtain at least 12 CPD points each year. However other licence/accreditation categories are required to obtain additional points. For more information on the TAS points system, click here.

VIC: As CPD is voluntary, you can obtain as many or as little points required in order to main industry currency.

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